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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Publish Your Fibre Art in Magazines

by Kirsten Chursinoff

I get a thrill of excitement when I see the artwork of someone I know in print. If you are thinking about submitting your artwork to be published, here are a few things to get you started.

One of the entry points is to enter “Reader Challenges” mentioned in many magazines. Sometimes you may need to submit to several before you see results. The work submitted must follow the guidelines so read the instructions carefully. Sometimes you can send photos, but in some cases you may be asked to mail the art to the magazine. You are not usually paid for this use of your image (unless there is a prize), but you will be given credit and exposure.

Choose a publication that most closely matches your type of work. Examine back issues to analyze the style and quality of the work previously published.

Some magazines will accept print photos, but many have moved to digital submissions, so always read the submission guidelines or the challenge instructions. These will usually be printed in the magazine or are available on the websites. And make sure you send excellent quality photos.

The “Artist Profile” or “Spotlight” feature is often written by a staff writer. They may interview you by phone, or a combination of phone, email and portfolio review. Themes include: celebrating a body of work, your techniques, or the stories behind your pieces.

Feature Article: If you’re a writer, you may wish to write about your techniques or fibre related topic. This requires a focused query letter sent to the editor, outlining your specific article idea. Be clear and concise. A query letter is a “pitch” for an article, not the whole article.

Consider themes and seasons and check to see if there is an editorial calendar. Plan a year ahead. Magazines are often international in scope, so submit to American and international publications too!

Search the pages of magazines for competitions and opportunities and also seek out opportunities on magazine websites. Online versions of magazines and magazine blogs also encourage submissions.

Fiber Arts Magazine

Surface Design Journal

Write an article for Quilting Arts or Cloth Paper Scissors

General Artwork Submission Guidelines for the following:
Belle Armoir
Stampington and Co
Somerset Studio
Art Doll Quarterly
Altered Couture

American Quilter Magazine (see column on the left)

Machine Quilting Unlimited

More magazines to try:

International Fibre Art Opportunities

This article was originally written for the newsletter of the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts.