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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Low Tide Continues

Blood Star 3, Kirsten Chursinoff 2012

Two years ago I created a series of work under the title "Low Tide" for exhibition at Crafthouse, the gallery of the Crafts Council of British Columbia, on Granville Island here in Vancouver. I was excited about working with the subject of sea life, especially animals found in the tide pools and coastal waters of B.C.

I sold almost everything in that exhibition and there were a few orders for more pieces after the show. I then made more pieces for a second showing at Knotty Threads in Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island. At the same time, and article in Quilting Arts Magazine featured my jellyfish and octopus art quilts. It was all very exciting and was a very productive time for me.

We then set off on a West Coast journey to some of the most beautiful places around Vancouver Island. It was on that trip that we found out that I was pregnant. I was incredibly inspired on that trip, and longed to continue making art along the theme of the ocean, but I didn't get a chance to revisit the seashore theme until now. So, after thinking about this work for two years, I'm now stitching starfish, hand embroidering anemones and beading bubbles again. New octopus pieces are coming to the surface and I'm hoping to expand the series to include some fish and more shorebirds.

This summer I'm rediscovering the seashore through the eyes of my toddler as he picks up barnacle encrusted rocks and slimy seaweed. I don't have much time for art these days, but I'm trying to work more efficiently during the little guy's naps. I'm preparing for a third showing of Low Tide sometime in the future but this time I'll set aside a few pieces to keep for myself!

Aggregate Anemones, Kirsten Chursinoff 2012
White Anemones, Kirsten Chursinoff 2012
Red Anemones, Kirsten Chursinoff 2012

At the beach

Exploring the intertidal zone

Purple sea star

And a big thank you to Ernst, my digital archivist and loving father to the toddler, for scanning all my art and posting it online.

All my work can be viewed on my Flickr page ( if you didn't already know)