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Monday, November 16, 2009

Commission - Flowering Quince

Original - "Flowering Quince" by Kirsten Chursinoff

Notes on commissions - from the fabric artist's perspective

I'm currently creating another version of the "Flowering Quince" for a commission order. I kept all my notes, reference pictures and design sketches from the first work so I can refer to them as I work on the new art piece.

In this particular case, I'm making a larger artwork than the original. This means I need to alter the scale of the composition. The clients have specified the size.

With textiles, there is an added step when enlarging a picture. If this were a painting I might be able to just paint it larger, but this being a textile piece I have to think about the sewing lines. As well as adding surface design, the sewing is integral to the structure of the finished piece. The sewing holds the layers of fabric together. Also, there is a larger space to fill. The new design has to take this into account.

Drawing for the new Flowering Quince artwork

Since I've changed the composition slightly, I'm submitting the new design for approval. I'm confident that new design will work well for the larger size.

The flowers are more accurately depicted, although in an illustrative style rather than representational. I hope the added stem, with buds, gives the appearance of natural growth.

More info about this coming soon...

New updates, images:

Paper template of new drawing on art canvas.

Starting to build the background fabrics.

Background almost sorted.

Starting to place the flowers, stems and leaves.
Still moving things around a bit.

Fine details and sewing to come soon....
The photos were taken at different times of the day so the colours vary a little.

Finished artwork
Packed and shipped. On the way to the UK.