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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Art Show North Shore News

North Shore News, print version, p. A12, February 12 2010
Credit to Cindy Goodman, Bright Lights
Artist Kirsten Chursinoff

The group exhibition "Super Natural BC" at the Silk Purse Gallery continues to Sunday Feb 14.

"The opening reception for the Silk Purse Arts Centre's current exhibition was held Feb. 2 at the West Vancouver gallery. Twenty artists from the Lower Mainland are featured in the collection showcasing British Columbia-inspired work depicting cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes. The exhibition will remain on display until Sunday."



The optimist in me thinks it's great that I'm in the paper on the same day as the opening of the 2010 Winter Olympics here in Vancouver. Everyone has their eyes on the news right now. But the pessimist in me thinks it could be the worst day to try and promote my art career since I'm drowning in a sea of corporate ad campaigns and over-shadowed by the Big Event. As this paper was being distributed to homes across North and West Vancouver, most people had their eyes on the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The arts are struggling here in BC since large funding cuts were announced a few months ago. I'm shocked by how expensive the Olympics are turning out to be. I'm also dreading the Post-Olympic Debt that we'll be suffering from for a long time. It will be difficult to re-establish arts funding in the post-Olympic climate. I really admire the galleries and organisations that keep fighting to stay alive and vibrant through the difficult times. I also admire the many artists who are taking charge of their creative businesses and developing plans for self-promotion and independence.