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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 2014

My boys have been keeping me busy, but I do have a few things to say.

My website address now redirects here to this blog. I can update everything on this page myself, so things are easier this way. I wasn't getting a chance to update over there.

Also, I'm now on Instagram and I'm finding it fun and easy to use for moms on the go! See here:
http://instagram.com/kirsten_chursinoffor search for my name kirsten_chursinoff

I'm still using Flickr for my images too, so if you don't use Instagram you can always view my images there:

Also, if you'd like to connect on Facebook I have an artist page so look for me as Kirsten Chursinoff, Textile Artist, and you can like the page. For now, I approve friend requests on my personal page for people that I actually know, so liking my Artist page is the best way.

The Maiwa Textile Symposium is happening now in Vancouver so take a peek:
Lectures and Workshops for lovers of all kinds of textile art.

I still have a studio, but it's buried right now.

Reworking this one a bit! Wishing I had more time for art. Autumn is such a great time for inspiration.

Snacking at Lost Lagoon

Bye for now


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