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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blue Jay, Hand Embroidered

Blue Jay by Kirsten Chursinoff
Blue Jay, a photo by Kirsten Chursinoff on Flickr.
At night, when my boys are sleeping, I work on the birds.

The newest addition to our family is now three months old. He's smiling and giggling and loves to watch his brother play. It's difficult to find time for stitching, but it's important to me so I'll find a way to keep the needles moving.

Via Flickr:
Hand embroidered blue jay. Cotton floss on synthetic felt. The background is felted with an embellisher machine (aka needle punch machine). Synthetic and wool felt, yarns and bits of cloth are trapped in the felt and there are some hand embroidered details.
4 ¾” x 7”
12" x 15" framed


ga447 said...

I love the pattern of the birds and such great details. Beautiful.

Monika Kinner-Whalen said...

2 boys! Wonderful. I've been secretly waiting to hear. I have 2 boys and would have a whole yard full if I could!! Congratulations Kirsten : )


Alexandra said...

Kirsten, I've just discovered your site/blog. Your creations are wonderful! Thank you for such an inspiration, as an artist and as mom!