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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Virtual Gallery 2012

If you missed seeing my Marine Life show in person you can see it here:

Marine Life Pictures
Marine Life Slideshow

Red Tube Worms 2, detail

Ramp Gallery, New Westminster Public Library, 2012
This display area is literally along a ramp. As I mentioned in a previous post, it's a real challenge to hang the pieces at eye-level along the length of the ramp.

The show is over now. Thanks to those of you who visited!


Sue said...

They are all just gorgeous, I can't pick a favourite! Congratulation on your exhibition

Angela said...

Dear Kirsten, I just found your blog and website. I have off and on over the past many years have dabbled in botanical and biological illustration. I am also a keen sewer and embroiderer. I am rusty and trying to recharge my creativity in a direction that speaks to me. What I am finding is that I am happiest with needle and thread and fabric but I am also delighted when I make the time to draw. I have finally, after too many years of creative block and fits and starts have decided that to combine both talents is where I need to go. With that said, I have not been confident that what I want to do, that which I am passionate about - interpreting nature - is something anyone is interested in with all the computerized and slick art that there is to be had these days. Finding you has boosted my confidence that there is a world out there for textile art that combines the nuances of sewing, drawing and crafting. Thank you for being out there and inspiring. Best wishes on this Thanksgiving day - I have joined your blog and hope to follow as often as I can. Again, thank you for your inspiration and beautiful work.

Embroidery Fabrics Online said...

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BaTLady said...

I'm sure I just had a whiff of that Meadowsweet!
Makes me think of summer nights and fireflies!
Thank you for this nice break from the raging Winter.