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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Strange Coincidence

A funny little thing happened recently.
I was wondering why my new fabric art piece titled "Red Tube Worms 2" was receiving so many views lately on my Flickr page. My digging unveiled a porn site called red tube. Now I understand why the piece is receiving so much attention! It pops up everytime people do image searches for the porn site.

"Red Tube Worms 2" by Kirsten Chursinoff 2012
Detail of "Red Tube Worms 2" by Kirsten Chursinoff 2012
My naive ego was thinking I'd maybe hit on a new trend and was attracting art enthusiasts interested in the subtle beauty of calcareous tube worms. Alas, no. I'm not going to rename the piece though: let them stumble upon it!


Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

omg! Kind of creepy, but yes... let them stumble. ; )

Textile Heaven said...

I adore your art work. You have such skill. The colours and textures are stunning. I came across one of your pieces on Pinterest, the one with the purple Allium seed heads. I love textiles, antique ones too. I am an antique dealer living in England. I wish that I could create something with needle and thread or sewing machine and thread! Keep up the good work, you have a fabulous talent.

Marta Brysha said...

I love this piece Kirsten. You never know, there may be a cross over between lovers of porn and lovers of textile art. You may have tapped into a huge market that the rest of us don't know about!

Unknown said...

This is great. I thought I should post and let you know that I came upon it researching actual tube worms! So maybe a few hits are from tide pool geeks. I am also interested in textile art. ;)