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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Secret Ingredient

New purchases*
Fabric shopping always leads to washing and ironing.
*I'm not doing much dyeing of fabric these days so I like to find fabrics with texture, either dyed or printed. I prefer dyed if I can find them in the right colours.

Washing can lead to the gnarly bits tangling from the raw edges, sometimes choking the rest of the fabric.

Zero waste
I like to save those threads and sew them down to backgrounds to make interesting textures. I couch them by machine (loose free-motion zigzag) or by hand.

They are one of the many secret ingredients that help to make the whole.

Small backgrounds for sea stars

My other secret ingredient is cheesecloth, netting or scrim.  These bits are saved from my sister's mural painting business and are stitched into place. A few of the background pieces here were hand-dyed way back when I was in school.

Do you have  a secret ingredient?

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