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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria, by Kirsten Chursinoff 2012 7" x 5" (17.5 x 12 cm)

detail shot

Also known as Fly Agaric.
Dangerous beauties.
Why are there so many of them in fairy tale illustrations? A reminder of the darker versions of these tales, or altered realities? I won't write about the uses of this ubiquitous toadstool. I'll play it safe and enjoy the cheerful colour and sprightly shape.

I embroidered the dots and then cut out the cap shapes from the red cloth. Then the pieces were sewn to the background along with the stems and then grass was added at the end.

A snapshot of some of the mushrooms found in the fairy ring below.

Fairy ring, Vancouver, Canada 2010. Photo by Kirsten Chursinoff

Additional inspiration found in my stamp collection!


Moooody Cow ♥ said...

Beautiful, I love your work ♥ .

Found your blog completely by accident, but glad I did :)

Ирусик said...

Очень красиво!!!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Lovely. Beautiful photos too! wow. I love the way mushrooms just suddenly appear. I have many photos from our yard, but I have never seen red ones in 'real life'.


Moni said...

Beautiful mushrooms !!!
Many Greetings - Moni

eddchur said...

Glad to see Ansel is giving you time to create. The Russian comment means
"Very beautiful!!!"


The Sparkly Fairy said...

Wow - your work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work ! I like ...

Claudie (France)

Rachelle said...

Can't believe you can get so much done with baby in tow! Creative tornado ! Go girl!... love the mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

Офигенные мухоморы!
как и все остальное, впрочем.

Salim Reza said...
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Keegan said...

How wonderful! The background is so dynamic, and I love the different layers. I was looking for a picture of Amanita to show my botany students during lecture this week, but took a personal pleasure tangent to view your work.