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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Garden Silhouettes - Reception Nov 7. 2-4pm

Autumn Umbels, detail, Kirsten Chursinoff

Knapweed 3, detail, Kirsten Chursinoff

Autumn Light, detail, Kirsten Chursinoff

Meadowsweet, detail, Kirsten Chursinoff

Silhouettes, Black & White, detail, Kirsten Chursinoff

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Circle Craft, my "Garden Silhouettes" exhibition is now up on the walls.

Above, are a few details to temp to you to visit the gallery. The texture is difficult to capture in a photo, so they really should be seen in real life.

Circle Craft is located next to the Granville Island Public Market, and is in a building called the Net Loft, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The show runs until Nov. 30th, 2010.
The opening reception is Sunday Nov. 7th, 2-4pm
1666 Johnston St. Granville Island

I was going to include a Google Map of Granville Island, but the G-map is wrong! Don't believe everything you read online.

Circle Craft Exhibitions


knitsteel said...

Gorgeous work as always

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Pokazałaś jak chwasty stały się dziełem sztuki. Gratuluję pomysłu i kunsztu. Miło oglądać twój blog.

Lisa ONeill said...

Beautiful - wish I could see the exhibit!

My Sweet Prairie said...

lovely lovely! always so pretty!
: )
~Monika in Saskatoon

renilde said...

Succes with the exhibition, would love to see your work, looks very beautiful8

Janny said...

Great work !!

Morna said...

Beautiful stitches! :-)

JEMAS said...

So beautiful!