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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Low Tide - Salt Spring Island

Moon Jellies Trio 3, detail, Kirsten Chursinoff

Beach Comber's Paradise, detail, Kirsten Chursinoff 2010

My Low Tide series arrives on Salt Spring Island today!

The exhibition is at Knotty Threads Studio and Artisan Gallery. It's the silk weaving studio of Jane MacKenzie:

The location:
111 Morningside Rd. Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

The show is up for the month of September, but pieces will leave as they sell, so plan your visit for early September if you want to see the whole show!

Knotty Threads also displays my garden-themed and west coast embroidered/quilted pieces year-round as well as a fine selection of artisan-made items. The highlight is the one-of-a-kind silk scarves and shawls hand woven on site, by Jane MacKenzie.


Lorraine K said...

I love the beachcomber' paradise details - reminds me of being a kid down at White Rock. I always picked up things like this. Still do whenever I am back on the coast. Good luck with the show - I am sure it will go well.

Kirsten Chursinoff said...

Thanks Lorraine! I just heard that a piece sold today. I didn't have enough time to make another crab for this showing. I think I'm going to have to do that soon though...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lorraine, what a sumptuous picture.

Jackie said...

Absolutely beautiful work. You always delight me, I especially love your seedhead embroideries. I made a seedhead brooch last year for a blog friend and then I saw yours again and realised my inadequacies!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Love these, especially the Beach Comber's Paradise is wonderful, I love all the textures and the colours!

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very beautiful!