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Friday, August 13, 2010

Disgustingly Pretty

Sedum, photo by Kirsten Chursinoff

Some "Pretty Little Pictures" to either make you gag, or at least inspire your search for the insects that may be lurking in there somewhere.

I've heard some strange comments about my work over the years. A woman purchasing a piece for her young daughter actually put her finger in her mouth (the gag motion) over the colour pink in one of my pieces. Another woman, viewing one of my exhibitions said "I thought they were just bad paintings until I got closer and saw they were fabric" and then there was that guy at my craft booth who asked me if it was macaroni craft! Maybe his contacts fell out that day?

Plain and simple, my work is about searching for beauty in the world. Sometimes I look to strange things such as tube worms or weeds, other times it's straightforward plants and flowers. My work has never been conceptual so there's no use pretending.

Opium Poppy, photo by Kirsten Chursinoff

Detail, Opium Flower, textile by Kirsten Chursinoff

Selection of sizes. Opium Poppies and Meadowsweet.

Detail, Meadowsweet, textile by Kirsten Chursinoff.

The Meadowsweet fabric was coloured with Jacquard textile paint. To achieve the glowing effect, the paint is applied darker as I move away from the loopy-knot-flowers.

Paint tray and stencil brush.


I promised you some insects. Shield bugs (?) on Mahonia aquifolium.


Saraccino said...

I just love your work! There is beauty in every detail and I am surprised at the described reactions. I think one of my favorite quotes seems to suits you and your work:

"The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists [...]”

(Charles Dickens)

Lisa said...

I hope you don't take those small minded comments to heart ~ your work evokes a beauty and wonder that makes my heart sing!

Love the poppies and the meadowsweet! Gorgeous!

Kirsten Chursinoff said...

Thank you both for the great comments. I wrote about the weird comments because I thought it was funny.

Love the Dickens quote!

Coeur de freesia said...

I love your work, it is just so beautiful.
I am just sad to live so far away that I will never see your exhibition.

VictoriousVixen said...

ah, I love your work & the little snippets of your process! I too wish I was able to come & see them in person. =)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some process photos of how you apply the Jacquard textile paint--your finished product is so nice, it really does glow!