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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Low Tide - on the gallery walls

'Low Tide' is on the gallery walls!

I enjoyed designing the layout for the show. The small pieces are lined up in little rows among the larger pieces.

'Starfish Cove' was the first one to sell. (I love red dots!) I was thrilled with the response at my opening reception. Over a third of the show is now sold! Thank you everyone!

For my friends from out of town, I'm sharing the pieces in this show on my Flickr gallery, which you can always find by visiting my website Kirsten Chursinoff.

If you're in town, please join us at the gallery for my
Artist Talk and Slide Show:
7pm Tuesday June 22
1386 Cartwright St.
Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

Okay, now it's time to catch my breath and start cleaning up the studio. Exhibitions tend to lead to extreme chaos.

The race is on. I've got to tidy up for a studio photo shoot on Thursday!

It's worse than this right now. I'd take a more recent photo if I could find my camera. I used to have a desk in there somewhere!
Yikes, fabric on the floor! Naughty girl.


Judy S. said...

Hi Kristen, We are planning to come to Vancouver to see your work and wondering whether there is an admission fee for the gallery and also whether the gallery will be open on Canada Day. Thanks.

Kirsten Chursinoff said...

Hi Judy,
There is no admission. I'll be there on Canada Day from 12-4pm so I'll see you then!