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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tangled in threads for 'Low Tide' bio picture

Me, by photographer Rachael Ashe

I was tangled in thread* by Vancouver artist and photographer Rachael Ashe, as part of her portrait series.

Rachael explores a variety of creative platforms through her blog Canvas to the Imagination.

I think I might use this image as my bio picture in the portfolio that will be displayed as a part of the 'Low Tide' exhibition. The exhibitions at the Crafts Council of BC (formerly Crafts Association) gallery always have an educational element. Artists/Craftspeople/Makers share information about their process, construction and techniques. Updating my blog has been excellent practice for writing about my work, and has given me ideas for preparing for my educational materials for the exhibition.

Now, with only a month left to go, the butterflies in my tummy are aflutter. I'll be spending many hours 'tangled in threads' from now till then.

*Thread: specifically DMC cotton 6-strand embroidery floss, pulled from skeins (for those of us who like to geek out over thread)

32 days to 'Low Tide'


Louise Smith said...

Ha I must be one of those thread geeks as I was just wondering what type was used, then I read your explanation! Great pic. Best wishes with Low Tide!

Elizabeth said...

I am so thrilled to meet you!!! Susan from Plays with Needles sent me over !! i love your glorious part of the world and have been to your beautiful city once back in the 80's. I have family in Seattle but I grew up on Cape Cod in MA. I am sick about the oil spill, as I child my parentstook us down to the beach in Santa Barbara, where we were living at the time, and we rescued wildlife from the muck. An expereince of desperate saddness that I will never forget!! I am so sad about all of this and pray that this latest mud fill will work!!

Your portrait. Tied in THreads is wonderful- I too was wondering what kind it was!!! I adore all of the layers of your work and the free motion stitching that you use to interpret the gifts of the tides is glorious!!! thanks for the sharing of the solvy and stitching- muct give taht a try.
Susan and I both wish that we could beam ourselves over to see your exhibit, but you will just have to share it with we unfortunates via your wonderful blog!!!! You are surely going to be astar yourself- that purple is a magical color but stay away from the gulls!!!
Very best Regards and enjoy your big moments to come!!
i'll be back!!!