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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Press Release for Low Tide Exhibition

Making seaweed: Solvy (water-soluble) in an embroidery frame, free-motion machine embroidery.

Sewn anemones and various underwater creatures, made with Solvy, as above. The Solvy washes away in water.

Vancouver from Kitsilano Point, at Low Tide

Click on the press release to view large.

“Fibre is the perfect medium for representing the intricate details and textures of British Columbia’s rugged beauty. By exploring the subject matter of the seashore, I’m able to make use of a full spectrum of textile techniques.”

So, there's just over a month left before the show opens. Many of the pieces are complete and framed, others are still in process. The Octopus Series is on the way back from Massachusetts and will arrive in time for the exhibition to join the sea stars, anemones and birds.

I'm hoping to schedule my artist talk and slide show to correspond with the exhibition. The venue and date is to be determined. Watch my blog for more details.

35 days to Low Tide


Chris said...

Am looking forward to your show!

knitsteel said...

Your blog is just wonderful. I love how you share your knowledge so openly, and make such individual creative work.

Kirsten Chursinoff said...

Thanks for the interest, see you there!