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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Low Tide and sharing my art

A funny thing happened while I was at the Vancouver Aquarium the other day...I received a phone call from - yep, the Vancouver Aquarium. Nope, I didn't loose my wallet or membership card, they were calling in response to some my Octopus Series art quilt photos I sent in a while back.

I've been researching sea creatures for my Low Tide exhibition, and for the Octopus series that will be published in my favourite magazine soon. Everything seems to be falling into place and the timing of publications and exhibition dates are coinciding perfectly. Now, to my delight, it looks like the interview for the Vancouver Aquarium Members June newsletter will also be timely. I'm meeting for an interview next week!

Promoting my art by sharing with the public is especially important for me this year. My Low Tide exhibition is premiering at Crafthouse. Crafthouse Gallery is a program of the Craft Council of British Columbia (formerly Crafts Association of BC) and they were one of the arts organizations to loose their provincial gaming grant funds last year. I hope that by sharing my art people will be reminded of the importance of art and culture in the province and in Canada.

Many people know the importance of buying local food and I want to encourage the purchase of local art and craft as well. The second venue for my Low Tide exhibition is the Studio Gallery of Salt Spring Island Silk Weaver, Jane MacKenzie. Her studio "Knotty Threads" is home to her one-of-a-kind handmade scarves and shawls, and the work of local artisans. As artist and entrepreneur, Jane has demonstrated her commitment to local talent.

Jane MacKenzie - Knotty Threads

Crafthouse Gallery - Craft Council of BC

Vancouver Aquarium


Lorraine K said...

Kirsten, these sea shore pieces are grand. I am very likely to be in Vancouver in early July so will definitely go and see your show at the Crafthouse Gallery. I grew up by the beach, so really love anything sea-related, this these.

Jackie said...

Congratulations. Nice work and good result.