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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anemones - Low Tide Countdown

Sea anemones, spotted anemone, embroidered.

Close-up of anemone showing stitches.

Photo taken at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Photo taken at the Vancouver Aquarium.

There are several types of anemones in reddish tones. I'm stitching below the intertidal zone now, to depict more marine creatures. I guess I'm stretching beyond the limits of Low Tide...extending my art boundary.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Theresa yesterday to be interviewed for the Vancouver Aquarium members newsletter. I've been spending a lot of time there doing research for my Low Tide exhibition. A while ago they were asking to hear stories about their members, so I sent them some photos of my octopus art quilts. It's perfect timing since my Low Tide exhibition is coming up and I can share the info with Aquarium members.

37 days to Low Tide...


ebbandflo said...

gorgeous anemones, and thanks for bringing back some memories of watching them at the aquarium. the collection there is most amazing

Hooked in Hove said...

I'm so enjoying your Low Tide works, I just wish I could see them in real life. Have you ever thought of doing a tutorial on your blog? I know you're a busy busy lady.

Plays with Needles said...

Kirsten, I absolutely adore your work. I love seeing the inspiration pictures, your hand's translation into fabric and thread. I wish with all my heart that I would be out West to see your exhibit.

I do have a lot of blogging needle friends who live out that way. Would you mind if I did a post on my blog about you so they could find out and maybe go...would it be OK to use some of your pics from your blog? I'll credit you and link back to your blog...I just think my friends need to find you because you're awesome!

Ella said...

Great work Kirsten! I want to know how you develop a design idea to a finished product.