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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Low Tide - Black Oystercatcher Birds

Low Tide Exhibition Countdown 54 days

Kirsten Chursinoff 2010
Black Oystercatchers 26.5cm x 10cm (10 1/2" x 4")
Sewing machine appliqué and hand embroidery.

Black Oystercatchers looking for bivalves on seaweed covered rocks. Victoria's inner harbour.

English Bay, Vancouver, low tide.

English Bay, Vancouver, low tide.

Kirsten Chursinoff 2010
Black Oystercatcher, 18cm x 12 cm (7" x 5")

Black Oystercatcher, detail. I love their eyes!!! This one is about to eat a mussel.

Detail, rocky shore. Embroidered mussels, barnacles and seaweed (rockweed). Loopy French knots and single chain stitch (or daisy). Cotton floss on cotton quilting fabric.

The Black Oystercatcher is found along the Pacific Coast of North America. We don't have the one with the white feathers here, but you can see it pictured above.

The most striking feature is the long carrot-like orange bill.

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