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Monday, March 01, 2010

Nest Making

Close-up of 3-D Nest 18, feathery

Close-up of 3-D nest 15. Most of the mossy yarns and twigs were sewn on by hand couching stitches.

My snippets overflowing from my catalogue drawers.

Spreading out all the nesting scraps.

Sandwich of yarns between two layers of water soluble Solvy. Mounted in an embroidery hoop. I machine-stitch this and then wash away the Solvy to make the nest.

Egg shaped buttons, from Button Button in Gastown, Vancouver. I've made a couple of nests with these ones.

I thought about using felted eggs or silk cocoons as eggs, but the furry texture did not seem right for the eggs.

Polymer clay egg beads. I blended my own colours. Always searching for the elusive "Robin's Egg Blue". Sorted by colour and size.

Drawings - just scribbles

The final product. Mounted in a white frame. Ready to send-off to nature-lovers around the world.



Nonerz said...

thank you SO much for sharing your work process. I love your work & am starting my first art quilt for Lyme disease awareness this year. You are such an inspiration to me! =)

Jane said...

So very beautiful!

Saraccino said...

Just getting a lot of new ideas out of your work! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

oh my. the relation of our posts is funny.

Coeur de freesia said...

I LOVE your art. Hope I could one day do as well...

Lisa ONeill said...

Hi! I just found your site through a google search on bird art. I love you pieces - hope to some day see in person - I'm going to link you to my blog - www.athreadfromtheedge.blogspot.com

essay topics said...

very beautiful!