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Friday, February 19, 2010

Translating an Idea into Fibre Art

Photo of a nest in a blossom tree, Kirsten Chursinoff

Fibre art nest in a blossom tree, Kirsten Chursinoff

As you can see, the finished piece is often quite different from the photo or idea that sparked the creative fire. When I look at the world, I'm always trying to figure out if I can "translate" images or objects into embroidered cloth. I look for organic lines, forgiving textures, embroider-able details. I think about what kinds of stitches I'll need to use, or the threads and yarns that will be applied to the surface. Colours are important too. The colours need to speak to me.

Luckily, spring has arrived earlier than usual this year. I've been hunting for inspiration for my "Garden Stories" exhibition at the New Westminster Library in April. I'm already busy getting the spring-themed pieces mounted and framed. I have five shows lined up for 2010, so it's going to be a busy year.

Right now I'm trying to decide if I should include a couple of pieces in "Garden Stories" that I've show previously. I've often shown pieces more than once. It seems to work fine if the pieces match with the theme. I think that people will understand if there are a few pieces that have been show before.

I'm also wondering how people will react if I have a few pieces that are "Not for Sale". Once my art sells I usually never see it again. I'm realizing now that I should hold on to a few of my originals and keep them for when I give presentations or when people come by for studio visits.


ygodka said...

Very, very interesting and beautiful.

I am your new guest, do not mind Kirsten?

Dale Anne Potter said...

WOW!!! This is FABULOUS - the nest, the tree branches and the background. GREAT JOB!!!

tournicoton said...

Je viens de voir votre site. je suis tombée en merveille sur ce petit nid d'oiseaux qui irait bien se ranger dans mon projet. Est il possible d'avoir quelques conseilles! pour fabriquer ce petit nid d'oiseaux; technique, fils...
Vous remercie d'avance
Bien amicalement