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Monday, November 09, 2009

Shiva paint sticks - Giant Pacific Octopus

Octopus 5, Giant Pacific Octopus, Kirsten Chursinoff 2009

I studied surface design and dyeing in the Textile Art Program at Capilano, but I've kept to the cleaner side of the fabric arts since then. I can usually find the colour I need in my fabric stash, so I rarely create a colour from scratch. In this case, I just wanted to alter an existing fabric. I'm happy that I didn't loose the spotted pattern. It's still visible through the lightly applied colour from the Shiva paint sticks.

Shiva paint sticks, stencil brush, plastic lid, sample scraps of fabric

I smeared the paint sticks on a yogourt lid.

Blended the Napthol Red and Ultramarine Blue with a stencil brush.

I then tapped the colour onto the fabric with quick brush taps. Hitting the fabric rather than brushing.

It takes a few days to dry completely. I tried ironing between two sheets of paper to speed up the drying, but it remained smeary, so I waited a few days for it to dry and then I ironed it again.

My octopus template on the newly altered fabric.

Ready to pin cut and sew!


Nonerz said...

Thank you SO much for posting your creative process! I have been looking at your art quilts for several months now & I'm excited to jump into the realm of art quilts myself. I really appreciate you sharing this with us, as I am trying to soak up all the information I can. =)

Saraccino said...

It's just beautiful :)