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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blackberries, a Visual Ode

"Almost Ripe" 2009 Kirsten Chursinoff

Finishing touches by sewing machine.

Photos that I've taken to inspire my work:

Blackberry flower and early berry.

Blackberries growing among grape vines at the University of British Columbia Farm.

Evergreen Blackberry (deeply serrated leaves) also growing among the grape vines at UBC Farm.

Unripe berries with the leaves starting to change into autumn colours.

Now, the following images are a sample of artwork that influenced my childhood and my current aesthetic. I've given the name of each illustrator/artist below each picture.

Janet Marsh

Molly Brett

Jill Barklem

Edith Holden

Cicely Mary Barker

Benjamin Perkins

Beatrix Potter

So, I'm not the only one to be inspired by the weedy bramble that brings late summer fruit to hedgerows everywhere.



A fab, fab, fab post Kirsten! Each and every one of your photos and influences are beautiful as are those gorgeously stitched blackberries! I enjoyed the blackberries this year, we had a bumper crop in the hedgerows, I made 12 pots of jam and also used some for dyeing fabrics and threads

Lots of best wishes

Ulla said...

This is stunning! I love seeing your inspiration - many of them are my favorites too... so few take the weedy bramble and make true art of it. Your dark to light coloring is exceptional and brings real feeling into your work!

ANNA said...

Your work is just awesome!!! FANTASTIC !!