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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heather Meadows, Mount Baker, Washington

Looking for inspiration across the border. Just a few hours away.

Blueberries and heather at Heather Meadow

Aster and leatherleaf saxifrage.

Alpine ? I'll have to find out what this is! I think it is a type of orchid.
Okay, so I just found out what this is: Elephant's Head Lousewort. Pedicularis groenlandica.

Wonderful walking trails

A little further down the trail

Technically this is Mt. Shuksan, but the summit of Mt. Baker is really close. We couldn't see the summit due to the misty clouds creeping through the pass.

Devil's Club. Take a close look to see the spines!


konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

A wonderful place - you will surely be inspired to stitch fantastic pieces.
I would love to be there! Connie.

windy angels said...

The pictures of the Lousewort and walking trails almost translate instantly to your fibreart.

Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous images.

angels be with you


Your photos are very beautiful and inspirational!


Plain Jane said...

Oh!! so gorgeous.......and what beautiful color schemes in each photo. lovely!

Art4Sol said...

These are beautiful photos...think I'll go for a hike tomorrow!

Gunnels blog said...

Beautiful photos!