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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stories from the Robin's Nest

Nests, Kirsten Chursinoff, 2009

An exhibition at Knotty Threads, Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island.

April 9 to May 10 2009

Knotty Threads has been accepted onto the Fine Art Tour for the Easter weekend on Salt Spring.

The gallery is open Wednesday thru Saturday from 11-5 pm until May.

During the Easter weekend we will be open the Sunday and the Monday.

Knotty Threads Studio
Jane MacKenzie
111 Morningside Road, Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island, BC

or contact Kirsten

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Knotty Threads info


Anonymous said...

These are absolutely EXQUISITE.

Penny Nickels said...

So lovely! I saw your blossom tree on Flickr, and was blown away. BEAUTIFUL!

Plain Jane said...

sooo lovely! I wouldn't know which to choose.

Gunnels blog said...

These are so lovely!

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Gorgeous work, Do you put glass over them?

Kirsten Chursinoff said...

These ones do not have glass over them, but most of my pieces do have glass to keep the dust out.