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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tyvek - "Innovative Uses" Feature

Detail of Tyvek, heat-treated and stitched to the surface of
"Anemone Tidepool 1"

There is a new blog promoting the innovative uses of Tyvek. Douglas Khon, of Material Concepts, asked if they could use one of my images to represent the creative uses of this versatile material. Also featured in this blog, is work by Barbara Strembicki of Joggles.com and a link to more info on how to use Tyvek in artwork. There is also interesting info about recycling Tyvek here:
Material Concepts

With my work I've heated pieces of Tyvek so that it puckers and bubbles a little. It's very strong, yet it can be stitched very easily. I mostly use it to depict sea textures, bubbling waves, eggs, and general textured effects. It also accepts acrylic paint very easily and produces stunning effects.

Anemone Tidepool 1
Copyright Kirsten Chursinoff 2009

More info about this piece here:
Anemone Tidepool 1


Anne Wayman said...

beautiful stuff... no clue how it's done... some ghost in my wants to learn to weave... I do pottery, I'm a writer (non-fiction) and blogger and feeling like a total luddite in the face of social media even tho' I use some of it... found you through your comments on Ruth Seeley's blog while I try to decide if I want to go for the contest... and I will

Cécile Meraglia said...

it's a very beautifull work !

MORNA said...


jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Your tidepool is breathtaking! Wonderful colors, amazaingly inventive textures!