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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Commercial Design

About a year ago I was approached to design textile props which would then be computer animated. Although I was not directly involved with the project in the UK, here's an overview of the elements in my artwork that interested the advertising company, and the final result they created.

The ad as it appears in print in BBC Good Homes Magazine.

My original piece "Daisies" was the first piece discussed.

They also liked "Hyacinths"

Detail of stitched edges of leaf stalks.

Detail of stitched edges of leaf stalks. Note the stitching down the centre of the flower petals.

Detail of flower with stitching down the centre of petals.

I like the idea of using textile elements to advertise a product that will be used to condition fabrics. Their whole ad series is quite fascinating.


Elizaniko said...

Amazing , amazing , amazing !!!

Ruth Tarragano said...


Jackie said...

Congratulations. I have seen ads with animated fabrics and often wonder who did the originals.
Now I know.
(no need to reply!)